It's fun art,
not fine art

Not artistic? No problem!

Get Creative

Tipsy Doodle Art Parties are about having a laugh, while having a bit of a play with your creative side.  You won't be mastering any new artistic techniques, but you will be having a great time .  You will go home with an amazing memory of a night out and a pretty picture to remember it by. 

Get Friendly

While we wait for our layers of paint to dry, we will get to know each other with games and trivia, listen to our favorite tunes and even get up and dance.  

Get a little TIPSY

Alcohol is not a necessity, but it is welcome.  BYO drinks and or nibbles.  It may help if you are a bit of a perfectionist.  Paintings are never perfect, and that is what makes them beautiful.   If you want to go out dancing after the event, we can arrange to keep your art for a couple of days ;)

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